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Kareri Adventures and Tours is one of the leading backpacking / flash-packing trips.

Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone loves to travel the same way. We Provide the Best Adventure Places. We offer very professional and friendly travel & adventure services. All our Trekking tours comes with safety first as Kareri Adventures and  Tours are focused on the safety of our clients. We have been a part of rescue operations.

To advance, guide and inspire adventure travelers to interact with nature, experience culture and do a physical activity. We are experts in providing a tour package to suit you and what you are looking for in your own adventure.

We Provide the Best Adventure Places

Our aim is to rock your adventure and make sure you have an amazing experience on your trip to Himachal by organising an epic and culturally immersive itinerary, at an affordable price but without the stress of planning and booking everything yourself.  Our style of travel is relaxed and informal, similar to independent travel, but with the added bonus of having the support of a pre-trip planner and tour leader.

Affordable Travels

We offer the best deals on all cruise destinations.

Guided Experiences

Our knowledgeable travel experts are your best vacation planning tools.

Group Discounts

It's better when you travel together. You can get discounts !